Metallica And Lou Reed Talk “Lulu” Album In Rolling Stone Interview

Photo of Metallica

Metallica has teamed up with Lou Reed to release the collaboration album “Lulu” this coming November 1st, 2011. A full song from the album, titled “The View,” is available for streaming at this location.

Rolling Stone magazine was in the studio with Metallica and Lou Reed to discuss the upcoming album. Excerpts from the studio interview are available below.

“They’re as powerful as you can get,” Reed says of Metallica out in the studio lounge. “The drums are no joke, and Hetfield is like that.” Reed pounds a hand on his heart. “Then you have lyrics that are high-octane. It’s so easy, because we’re not trying to change anyone.”

“It wasn’t ‘This is my shit, do as you’re told,'” Ulrich confirms. “Lou understood we were going to give him something nobody else would.” Co-produced by Reed, Metallica, engineer Greg Fidelman and Reed’s longtime collaborator Hal Willner, Lulu “is almost like two languages,” Ulrich says. “We have m-e-t-a-l in our name. But we can go fucking anywhere and do anything.”

On the phone, a few days after Lulu is mastered, Ulrich describes listening to the album on a late-night car ride. “I was overwhelmed,” he confesses. “I also felt, ‘This is really unique.'” How unique? He laughs. “This makes… And Justice for All sound like the first Ramones album.”