METALLICA Bassist Talks To United Arab Emirates Radio Station (Audio)

METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo was recently interviewed by the Dubai, United Arab Emirates radio station Radio 2. You can now listen to the chat in two parts below.

METALLICA made its first-ever live appearance in the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday night (October 25), performing at Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE. Trujillo told that no one in the band has ever been to the UAE before, saying, “This is where it turns into a gig, adventure and holiday — we have been very busy, so for us to go to a place like the UAE, it becomes an adventure. And it makes it all that much more exciting because we get to perform. It’s something different, and we love to explore.”

Trujillo was also asked about the band’s plans to record its next official album, to which he replied, “We’ve been busy writing and recording. We’ve got a couple of new songs we have been working on the past couple of weeks . . . We’ve been in the studio with (producer) Rick Rubin, working on a couple of things, and we’re going to be recording during the most of next year. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. But the great thing is that we have sort of already jumped off the launch pad and we’re swimming.”

METALLICA flew to the UAE from New York, where the band attended a listening party for its joint album with Lou Reed, called “Lulu”, which arrives next Tuesday (November 1).

Frontman James Hetfield told The Pulse Of Radio that the way “Lulu” came together could have an impact on the next “true” METALLICA effort. “This ‘Lulu’ project really opened our eyes to how differently we can record — you know, more off the cuff,” he said. “You know, the idea of Lou coming in with the lyrics already finished — we basically wrote music to his poetry. So maybe trying that approach as well, along with our other multiple different ways that we have of recording. So we’re pretty excited to be writing.”

The group’s last collection of all-new studio material was 2008’s “Death Magnetic”.

METALLICA next heads to India for its first-ever shows in that country on Friday (October 28) and Sunday (October 30).

The band will play four gigs to celebrate its 30th anniversary at San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore in early December.

Interview part 1:


Metallica Interview Part One (mp3)

Interview part 2:


Metallica Interview Part 2 Radio 2 (mp3)

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