METALLICA Rocks Yankee Stadium To Honor MARIANO RIVERA

METALLICA performed its classic song “Enter Sandman” earlier today (Sunday, September 22) at Yankee Stadium in New York to honor retiring Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera prior to their game against the San Francisco Giants — who happen to be METALLICA‘s hometown team.Rivera, who’s calling it quits after nearly two decades with the Yanks, has been coming out of the bullpen to close out games for many years to the tune of METALLICA‘s “Enter Sandman” playing on the stadium’s P.A. system.

According to the Daily News, METALLICA frontman James Hetfield gave a shout-out to Rivera, “This one’s for you Mariano,” before singing the song’s famous first line, “Say your prayers little one…”

Check out photos of METALLICA‘s appearance from Getty Images.

Rivera was presented with a METALLICA gold record by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland on May 13 for “Enter Sandman”.

Said Rivera: “I’ve got a gold record, brother. Without even singing, I have a gold record.”

The presentation was made by Indians team president Mark Shapiro and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame president Greg Harris.

The pitcher said: “I think it was well done. Whoever thought of the idea of giving me a gold record with the song ‘Sandman’, it was great. I appreciate that and I know it will have a special place in my house.”

“Enter Sandman” was featured as the opening track and lead single from METALLICA‘s eponymous 1991 album. The song was produced by Bob Rock, and the music was written by Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, and James Hetfield. Vocalist and guitarist Hetfield wrote the lyrics, which deal with the simplest concept of a child’s nightmares.

The “Enter Sandman” single was certified gold in the United States for sales in excess of 500,000 copies. Acclaimed by critics, the song is featured on all of METALLICA‘s live albums and DVDs released after 1991 and has been played live at award ceremonies and benefit concerts. It is considered to be METALLICA‘s signature song to the general public.

METALLICA‘s self-titled “black album” has sold more than 16 million copies in the U.S., according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

METALLICA performed at Yankee Stadium once before, nearly two years ago in September 2011 when the “Big Four” tour with SLAYER, ANTHRAX and MEGADETH stopped there.