According to Burnaby Now, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ruled last September that the Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada metal shop named Metallica Manufacturing is free to continue pursuing its trademark application for the word “Metallica” despite opposition from the metal band with the same name.

Metallica Manufacturing owner Bill Lawson tells Burnaby Now that name was chosen in the late 1990s by his then-12-year-old niece. After operating under the name for four or five years, Lawson tried to register a domain name online, which is when the group’s attorneys started calling for the shop to change its name.

“I appreciate the music and what they do, but at the same time do they even know about them actually coming after us or is it their team of lawyers?” Lawson‘s 24-year-old son Dan asked. “The lawyers we are dealing with are Canadian lawyers, and those lawyers are based in Toronto, and it could be that the band knows very little about what’s going on. Up until this last decision, this was a major decision, to let this tin-pot company win this verdict across the country. Now if that’s the case, surely that news would have gone back to the band.”

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