METALLICA’s Halifax Concert Heading Towards A Sellout

According to Metro, METALLICA‘s July 14 concert on the Garrison Grounds in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is heading towards a sellout.

“The capacity is 30,000 for the hill and we are certainly on our way to having a full house for the show,” Michele MacKay, a promoter from Rock The Hill, told Metro on Tuesday.

“It’s one of the strongest numbers that we’ve had for a show I would say in this area.”

MacKay, who is promoting the show along with her husband Harold MacKay, said between 75 and 80 percent of tickets are now sold, which works out to a high of 24,000, or 6,000 below capacity. Ticket prices are $99.50, plus tax and fees.

“It’s a different mix to what’s been here before,” she said about reasons behind the strong ticket numbers. “METALLICA is one of those bands — like a KISS show — that has that real strong following.”

“It’s always a hit-or-miss,” she added. “You would think a show as large as Sir Paul McCartney, the numbers would’ve been twice what they were, but it’s always a gamble. This one certainly seems to be working well.”

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