METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD Co-Hosts ‘The Chop Shop’ (Audio)

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield joined Steve Black this weekend to co-host Envision Radio Networks“The Chop Shop”. Celebrating its tenth year of guitar greatness, “The Chop Shop” was the first radio show devoted exclusively to the guitar. Over 900 interviews later, “The Chop Shop” host Steve Black sat down with Hetfield at the Orion Music + More fesival that rocked Detroit June 8 and June 9.

At the festival, Steve Black spoke with Hetfield about the process of putting the event together. “It’s just another adventure for us to bring people closer to music,” Hetfield explained. Discussing the lineup, the METALLICA frontman said, “We don’t want to focus on one type of music. We want to focus on good music, but focus on it being something at least edgy, something that moves people in a different way.” On the experience of playing live, Hetfield said, “Playing live for us has been the best drug on the planet.”

Hetfield also spoke to Black about METALLICA‘s upcoming trip to China. “Art and music… have no borders, so that’s why we do this, and that’s why we want to go to places like China,” said Hetfield. “Seeing fans in a new country for the first time is always amazing.”

Click here to hear the full show that aired June 14 weekend.


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