METALLICA’s LARS ULRICH Does New York Fashion Week With Model Fiancée JESSICA MILLER

METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Does New York Fashion Week With Model Fiance JESSICA MILLER

According to Women’s Wear Daily, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich accompanied his fiancée, model Jessica Miller, Thursday night (September 4) to a party hosted by Purple magazine at Narcissa during New York Fashion Week.

“She’s traveled all over the world with me for the last three years,” he told the site. “So I’ll follow her around fashion week for a few days. That’s what we do for each other.”

Asked how fashion compares with the music world, Lars said: “It’s all a bunch of people staring, trying to see who else is in the room while you’re talking to them. It’s no different than rock ‘n’ roll.”

A photo of Ulrich and Miller taken at the above-mentioned party can be found at this location.

Miller, 30, who was previously in a relationship with SYSTEM OF A DOWN guitarist Daron Malakian, is a professional model, and has appeared on the cover of various international editions of Vogue magazine. She has also been a model for Gap, HM and Chanel, among others.

Ulrich, 50, has two sons, Myles, 15, and Layne, 13, with former wife Skylar Satenstein, and a third boy, Bryce, 7, with Danish actress Connie Nielsen.

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