METALLICA’s LARS ULRICH Talks About His ‘Scary Guy’ Signature Drum Sticks (Video)

Video footage of METALLICA‘s Lars Ulrich talking about the new “Lars Ulrich Scary Guy” model of Ahead hybrid drum sticks that marry aluminum and polyurethane for longer durability and reduced vibration shock can be seen below.

A cross between Ahead‘s classic 5B and 2B models (16″x.595/58g and 16”x.595”/64g, respectively) and the popular Lars Ulrich signature stick (16.25″x.595/65g), the innovative stick maker’s new, limited edition, “Lars Ulrich Scary Guy” signature drumsticks feature a hand-drawn icon created by METALLICA‘s legendary drummer and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame member. The sticks are now available in a choice of two models: the LU-SG Standard with silver logos (16″x.595″/64g) and the LU-SGL Light with red logos (16″x.595″/58g). The sticks carry a suggested retail price of $36.49 per pair and supplies are limited.

Offering modern drummers “Everything You Want From A Stick… And More.”, Ahead drumsticks are distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution, 800-547-6401.

In a recent interview with DRUM! magazine, Ulrich stated about his playing ability, “I usually feel like I’ve regressed. [laughs] I’m like, ‘Why can’t I do that anymore?’ You know, when I heard these songs [on the ‘Beyond Magnetic’ EP] a couple of months ago, I thought that it sounded really exciting. I thought there was a really good, lively vibe — it’s a bunch of guys just playing together, and it sounded really full of energy and spunk and liveliness. And that was kind of the whole thing on the ‘Death Magnetic’ sessions was to try to keep all that energy as preserved as possible. The one thing I’m really proud of with the ‘Death Magnetic’ album is just how fucking lively it sounds. How it doesn’t sound careful, it doesn’t sound stale. It doesn’t sound, kind of, too cerebral — it’s just physical. It’s just lively and full of spunk and full of people that are playing music with each other, in a room, you know? That was kind of what we were going for with ‘Lulu’ [the recent METALLICA/Lou Reed collaboration].”