METALLICA’s LARS ULRICH: ‘The Single Biggest Mistake I’ve Made In The Creative Department’

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich contributed a column called “My Favorite Mistake” to Newsweek magazine in which he recounted the time he failed to get back to Quentin Tarantino when the famed film director asked Ulrich to provide a soundtrack for “Kill Bill: Vol. 1”. An excerpt from the column follows below.

“[Reading the script] page by page, I realized that most of this was written in a language that was outside of my realm of understanding. I had never encountered a narrative like this, set in, to me, a very foreign culture of martial arts and Asian myths. I just couldn’t wrap my thick Danish head around it. I championed [Quentin‘s] movies, loved him as a person, but at the end of the 180 pages, I sat there somewhat bewildered and felt very uncool for not getting it. I wasn’t capable of appreciating its brilliance. Then I started overthinking it. ‘Do it, do it,’ my gut screamed, but my head was confused. Cautious. I experienced a rare inability to pull the trigger.

“Over the next few weeks the whole thing fizzled out as I continued not trusting my instincts. In the end, I never got back to him. Probably the single biggest mistake I’ve made in the creative department. Of course ‘Kill Bill’ turned out to be above and beyond brilliant, as have [Tarantino‘s] subsequent movies, which have all been a significant part of my life in the 2000s.”

Read the entire column from Newsweek magazine.

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