METALUCIFER: Concert DVD To Be Released Next Week

“Bulldozing It True”, a new DVD from the Japanese heavy metal cult act METALUCIFER, will be released on November 23 via Iron Pegasus Records.

The band was formed in 1995 as a side project of Gezol, mainman of the legendary Japanese black metal act SABBAT, and quickly gained an incredible reputation and respect in the heavy metal underground. Their albums such as “Heavy Metal Drill”, “Heavy Metal Chainsaw” and “Heavy Metal Bulldozer” already have cult status, while their song “Heavy Metal Hunter” became unofficial anthem of all heavy metal collectors around the world.

“Bulldozing It True” was recorded live at the Keep It True festival (professional soundboard recording, multiple camera shoot), by an ultimate METALUCIFER lineup featuring Gezol, and current and former members of SABBAT, DESASTER, GORGON, MIDNIGHT RIDER and METAL INQUISITOR. The disc includes lot of bonus features such as rehearsal recordings, clips from other shows, etc. The set will be available as special DVD + LP or DVD + CD package.


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