MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO’s Double-Guitar Displayed At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

On February 2, Michael Angelo Batio‘s (ex-NITRO) Dean Mach VII “Jet” Double-Guitar was put on permanent display at the Rock And Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dean Mach VII “Jet” Double-Guitar is said to be Michael‘s most famous and definitely his most photographed double guitar. It was designed by Dean Zelinsky and built by Mike Lipe. Zelinsky also built the first double-V neck.

Below is a photo with Michael during the induction ceremony on February 10.

Michael‘s first version of the double-guitar was actually two separate guitars. He took a Gibson “Flying V” guitar and fastened it to a snare drum stand. This was a right-handed guitar faced in a left-handed playing position. Another Gibson “V” was strapped (right-handed) around his shoulder. He played the left side first, then the right side, then both at the same time. The double-guitar has come a long way since then.



(Thanks: Fullshred)