According to The Pulse Of Radio, CHICKENFOOT bassist Michael Anthony told Music Radar that his famous background vocal harmonies, a trademark of his former band VAN HALEN, will be featured more prominently on the second CHICKENFOOT record. Anthony said, “For some reason, my voice doesn’t age. I can still hit those high harmonies just like I did back in the day . . . My wife likes to say I act like a kid, so maybe that’s why I sing like one!”

Although Anthony is as well-regarded among fans for his singing as his bass playing, he told The Pulse Of Radio that he’s not interested in singing lead vocals on his own. “I can sing, but I consider myself a bass player,” he said. “I’m, you know, a musician first. If the opportunity came up for, you know, maybe a one-off gig to do something like that, I might do it, but I like to play bass, you know. I’ll sing backgrounds, but a lead singer, you know, you’ve got to have that mentality and personality. I’d rather be the bass guy.”

CHICKENFOOT has released more details about its upcoming second album, “Chickenfoot III”. Singer Sammy Hagar said that the band went with that title because “it’s so good, the songs are so tight, it’s like we jumped right past having to make a second record.”

As previously reported, the disc will hit stores on September 27 and a first single called “Bigfoot” will arrive on August 2.

Other tracks on the 10-track set include “Alright, Alright”, “Last Temptation”, “Lighten Up”, “Different Devil”, “Something Going Wrong” and “Come Closer”.

CHICKENFOOT drummer Chad Smith‘s main band, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, will release their new album, “I’m With You”, a month earlier on August 30, while a new VAN HALEN record is expected out this fall as well.