MICHAEL KISKE: ‘It’s Not Really Necessary’ To Do A HELLOWEEN Reunion

Greece’s Rockpages.gr recently conducted an interview with former HELLOWEEN and current UNISONIC singer Michael Kiske. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Rockpages.gr: Michael, how do you view UNISONIC… as a real band or as a project?

Michael Kiske: This is real band; a totally different situation from the years before… I mean, I was trying to form a band with SUPARED, but in reality, it was yet another Kiske solo record with a different name. You can’t make bands; they just happen… and UNISONIC happened! It was Kosta (Zafeiriou) and Dennis (Ward) approaching me, then Mandy (Meyer) stepped in and we were fooling around with songs for a couple of years. Then I went for a small tour with AVANTASIA and reconnected with Kai (Hansen). We thought that it would be a good time to do something together again and he was really the one who suggested that he should join UNISONIC. But it needed some time. UNISONIC with Kai started working towards the right direction. Before Kai, some songs were just OK and when he joined they started sounding really really good! A good example is the song “Star Rider”Dennis wrote the verses and he had a chorus but it wasn’t that good… When Kai heard it, he suggested to change a few things here and there and then, in a matter of 20 seconds, the chorus sounded excellent! That’s what makes a real band. We work and discuss everything together. If someone doesn’t like something, he says so. In the end we are trying to make everyone happy…

Rockpages.gr: Lots of fans were thrilled when they learned that Kai Hansen would join the band. How did it feel for you to be working once again with him?

Michael Kiske: (It is) really great… Kai is a person that you really like to have around because he is always goofing around and he has a loveable personality. He likes to enjoy every day as much as he can and he has this gift of making everybody around him laugh and have a great time. Back in the HELLOWEEN days, when Kai was in the band, the chemistry was great. When he left the band, it was a totally different situation. For me, personally, it turned into a nightmare. There was one particular person who always stubbing me behind my back. When Kai was in the band, there was a great atmosphere within the band. It’s the same thing with UNISONIC… All the guys are awesome and it’s fun to be around with them. To tell you the truth, I don’t really enjoy working in the studio and trying to keep up with all those time schedules and deadlines. I like to sing a song when I feel like it… when I am in the right mood. But you can’t do that when you have a record deal with a big record label like earMusic that’s putting their money into the band. You have to work hard and try to meet their deadlines. The biggest fun is when I am onstage or rehearse with the guys.

Rockpages.gr: We have talked a couple of times in the past under different circumstances. But, now, I guess you are more open to talk about it…if the occasion arises would you be open for a possible reunion with HELLOWEEN?

Michael Kiske: I have the best part of HELLOWEEN in my band now! It’s not really necessary to do a reunion. I am not friend with [Michael] Weikath [HELLOWEEN guitarist]. I have always had a good relationship with Kai. Yes, we had our differences, but it was never like we hated each other or something. Now, with Kai in the band, we have every right to play songs from the HELLOWEEN days…. just for fun. Songs that Kai has written or I have written. Of course, we won’t play anything that Weikath has written. But the key tracks from the past, at least the majority of them, were written by Kai. We could play those songs live, but I don’t see any reason for a reunion. I know the press would love that, but trust me, it wouldn’t be that fun. Let me tell you… just for the music, I would love to sing “Eagle Fly Free”, as it was always one of my favorite tunes. The things that went on between me and Weikath… I don’t forget that! I’ve never been more betrayed by any person… so I don’t see that (reunion) happening, to be honest with you.

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