MIKE PORTNOY Named ‘Drummer Of The Year’, ‘Metal Drummer’ In DRUMMIES Awards/Poll

Former DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy has been honored in the “Drummer Of The Year” and “Metal Drummer” categories in Enter Music Publishing‘s annual Drummies awards/poll.

Commented Portnoy: “WOW!! I just found out that I won Drum! magazine’s ‘Drummer Of The Year’ award (as well as winning ‘Metal Drummer’ and runner-up in ‘Progressive Drummer’ and ‘DVD Of The Year’). This is truly an honor!!!

“I am beyond words over the fact that in such a ‘transitional’ year in my career, I won Revolver Golden Gods ‘Drummer Of The Year’, Modern Drummer‘s ‘MVP Of The Year’ and now Drum!‘s ‘Drummer Of The Year’…

“The fans have spoken: MP ain’t goin nowhere!!! You guys are the best…I will continue to make you proud!”

Drummies winners in select categories:

Drummer Of The Year

* Mike Portnoy (winner)
* Benny Greb
* Jason Bittner
* Gavin Harrison
* Joey Jordison

Progressive Drummer

* Gavin Harrison (winner)
* Mike Portnoy
* Danny Carey
* Mike Mangini
* Blake Richardson

Metal Drummer

* Mike Portnoy (winner)
* Joey Jordison
* Chris Adler
* Tomas Haake
* Derek Roddy

Live Performer

* Neil Peart (winner)
* Jason Bittner
* Travis Barker
* Morgan Rose
* Joey Jordison

For a complete list of winners, go to this location.

Portnoy recently spoke to AOL‘s Noisecreep about his roller coaster life in the nine months since he left DREAM THEATER, the band he co-founded and led for 25 years.

“The thing that breaks my heart,” stated Portnoy, “is that some of the fans rely more on what’s reported about me than what I’m actually saying at the moment. I see all these sensational headlines on certain web sites that misrepresent what I’m doing, and there are fans that react to that without knowing the real truth. I always try to offer sincere, heartfelt explanations through social media sites, and sometimes that gets lost.

“This past year for me featured the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. I mean, after spending 25 years in DREAM THEATER, something I’ll never be more proud of, and then the experience [recording and touring] with AVENGED [SEVENFOLD], it’s been some pretty extreme emotional stuff.”

Portnoy is currently playing in a new band called ADRENALINE MOB alongside SYMPHONY X frontman Russell Allen, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando (SONIC STOMP), bassist Paul DiLeo and STUCK MOJO/FOZZY axeman Rich Ward. The group made its live debut on June 24 at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City and is presently seeking a suitable record label to release its already completed debut album.

“[My wife has] heard pretty much everything I’ve ever done and she says [ADRENALINE MOB] is her favorite stuff,” Portnoy told Noisecreep. “That means something to me.”

“I’m energized,” he added. “Playing in AVENGED SEVENFOLD the last year gave me this taste of sort of recapturing my youth, making me feel like a teenager a bit. With ADRENALINE MOB, that feeling is full force now, and I’ve never felt better about where I am musically.”

Photo credit: Joe LaRusso