MIKE TRAMP: Video Interview Posted Online

Steve Mascord of Hot Metal conducted an interview with Mike Tramp when the former WHITE LION singer played a solo acoustic show in London, England on November 21, 2012. You can now watch the chat below.

During an appearance at the Swedish metal convention Rockmässan in Malmö in October, Tramp stated about the possibility of a WHITE LION reunion, “WHITE LION is a combination of [original WHITE LION guitarist] Vito [Bratta] and I writing the songs together, and that’s sort of how it comes out. But there’s no chance in hell that that will ever happen, and it’s all because of the feedback I get from Vito. And also, I’m not fighting to put WHITE LION back together. These days, when I go out and play the songs from WHITE LION, it’s to give it to the fans who just wanna hear the songs that night. I try not, again, to call myself WHITE LION, but more like, ‘Mike Tramp celebrating the songs of WHITE LION,’ so you come to the club tonight and we’ll just play the songs and enjoy the songs. But if I go out there with four new guys, I don’t feel good calling it WHITE LION. I did it for a short time, and when I look back, I kind of almost regret it. I could have called it something else, because it’s not WHITE LION.”

Regarding WHITE LION‘s split, Tramp said: “We never got a chance to say goodbye to the fans. We never got a chance to make a statement to the press. … WHITE LION was playing the last show and Vito and I just went to the airport — I went to California and he went to New York — and we just said… We didn’t even look at each other. And it wasn’t that we were fighting. And the interesting thing… [People say] ‘Well, why shouldn’t you carry on?’ [But we got] no call from the record company, no call from the managers, no call from the merchandising company… All these people were making millions of dollars off us. It’s like we just disappeared. There was never any closing. So it’s taken me many years to really understand what the fuck happened here.”

Tramp recently completed work on a new solo album.