Frontiers Records has set a July 2 North American release date (June 29 in Europe) for the second album from the Irish hard rock band MILLION $ RELOAD entitled “A Sinner’s Saint”.

Formed in Northern Ireland in 2005, MILLION $ RELOAD started immediately to develop their craft by playing live in the local club circuit leaving behind them a trail of fans hungry for more. Their catchy anthemic tunes soon gained them a recording deal, which culminated with the release of the debut album “Anthems Of A Degeneration” in 2008. A tour-de-force of vast hooks, killer riffs and moments of joyous, snake-hipped abandon, with shades of everyone from AC/DC and AEROSMITH through to THIN LIZZY and THUNDER confirming that these young Irishmen know their history and salute it with style, while also displaying a powerful and compelling character and atmosphere that is all their own.

MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD sound is the culmination of our individual influences: no-frills, balls-to-the-wall, straight-up rock and roll,” says singer Phil Conalane. “Loud guitars , big vocals and the odd guitar solo with killer hooks. We have a definite sound, it’s not a new sound and we are not trying to re-invent the wheel, there are no delusions of grandeur in M$R. We know what we are about. All of us have our own personal influences that clearly can be heard in our songs, AC/DC, AEROSMITH, early GN’R. We don’t try to emulate those bands, we have our own take on modern day rock n roll, but they are definitely a big influence.”

The band toured heavily in support of the album and shared stages with THUNDER, THE DARKNESS, BUCKCHERRY, PAPA ROACH and more. This has further pushed the band’s abilities and focused their songwriting abilities. The result is the new killer album, “A Sinner’s Saint”, which has sparkled the attention from the Italian label Frontiers Records which immediately signed the band upon hearing the new stuff the Irish five-piece created.

Indeed, from blistering, cocksure sing-alongs like “Blow Me Away”, “Bullets In The Sky” and “Wicked”, through to the irresistible bluesy ballad “Broken”, “A Sinner’s Saint” is a flawless exercise in smart, sassy songwriting and a superb showcase for the electrifying chemistry that exists between these five musicians. You can’t keep a band this good, or an album this strong, down for long, and now that they have started to build momentum once again, MILLION $ RELOAD must surely be on the road to rock ‘n’ roll glory. They’ve got the balls, the belief and the tunes to make it happen.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is escapism…you can forget about your everyday troubles and woes, rock out, sing and scream along, have a beer and a smoke!” grins Phil Conalane. “It’s nothing new, this kind of balls-out rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s been buried away these last few years because too many people in the industry wrote it off as old fashioned and out of touch, but people are beginning to realise what proper rock ‘n’ roll really is! We’re the real deal and we’re here to stay!”

“A Sinner’s Saint” track listing:

01. Fight The System
02. Bullets In The Sky
03. Blow Me Away
04. Can’t Tie Me Down
05. Broken
06. I Am The Rapture
07. Wicked
08. Smoke N Mirrors
09. Headrush
10. Pretty People
11. It Ain’t Over
12. Protest (bonus track)




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