MINISTRY Movie ‘Fix’ To Screen At CMJ This October

Gigantic Pictures announced today that “Fix: The Ministry Movie”, a documentary film about the scariest and most extreme band ever, will be screened at the CMJ Music Festival on October 19. Directed by Douglas Freel, the film tells the story of the band’s 1996 “Sphinctour” as a both cautionary tale and an insider’s look at life on the road with the most excessive and creative industrial band of all-time.

MINISTRY founder Al Jourgensen, along with Paul Barker and the guys they played with, paid the price, took no prisoners and along the way became one of the most influential industrial bands ever.

“Fix: The Ministry Movie” is a backstage look at one of music’s most intelligent, creative violent and independent bands of the Nineties. NINE INCH NAILSTrent Reznor, TOOL‘s Maynard James Keenan, Jello Biafra of DEAD KENNEDYS and Jonathan Davis of KORN are just a few of the musicians who give firsthand accounts of how Jourgensen and company changed all the rules, and became as revered for the intensity of their convictions as for their musical output.

Upcoming screenings include:

Sep. 23 – 29@ The Clinton St. Theater, Portland, OR
Sep. 28 @ The Regent Theatre, Boston, MA
Oct. 03 @ The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 19 @ CMJ – Chelsea Theater, New York, NY @ 9:30 p.m.

Additional screenings of the film will be confirmed soon with distribution from DE Entertainment.

The film is a straightforward and unvarnished look into the real workings behind the scenes of a major world tour. The madness is tempered by trips into beautiful scenery, wanderings through gorgeous European towns and cities and cultural experiences that provide a welcome relief from the oppressive closeness of the tour bus and the arena backstage areas. Also portrayed in unflinching detail is the saga of Al Jourgensen‘s drug use on the road.

MINISTRY recently stopped touring and recording so that Jourgensen can engage himself in other projects.

“Fix” shows how much you can get away with under the right circumstances and how far it is possible to go and still just manage to come back.

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