MISERATION: Another New Song Available For Streaming

Theory tells that tragedy is a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes in its audience an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in listening. MISERATION‘s newest album, “Tragedy Has Spoken”, follows this path musically and lyrically.

The theme of the third album of these Scandinavians can be described as sum of the major tragedies of mankind’s history. Lyrics for “Tragedy Has Spoken” have been written by Pär Johansson (SATARIEL, TORCHBEARER, THE FEW AGAINST MANY) and band’s lead singer Christian Älvestam (SOLUTION.45, TORCHBEARER, ex-SCAR SYMMETRY), and address the diversity of tragedies. Some of which have taken the guise of accidents or natural disasters, while others were carried out with human hands and intent. Behind all this there is to find an imaginary architect, a fictive entity — something powerful, aware, far above the manmade concepts of good or evil: the nature of tragedy itself.

Musically, MISERATION expand their view on forward-thinking, vicious death metal by integrating new instruments to the mix. There still is to find what caused the quality and sustainability of “Your Demons, Their Angels” (2008) and “The Mirroring Shadow” (2009), but in 2012 there is more than technical, intricate death metal with a good dose of melody. “Tragedy Has Spoken” was recorded using 8-string guitars, which gives the wall of distortion a certain distinctive flair. In addition MISERATION are incorporating folk instruments such as the Indian harp Esraj, the Persian hammered dulcimer Santur, sawblade, organ, mandolin and piano, as well as Mongolian throatsinging. Music and lyrics are globally and far beyond standard practice, so there is a lot to discover!

The cover artwork for “Tragedy Has Spoken” was created by acclaimed artist Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, ABYSMAL DAWN, IMMOLATION, THE FACELESS) and can be seen below.

“Tragedy Has Spoken” track listing:

01. Stepping Stone Agenda
02. Children Of The Flames
03. Ghost Barrier
04. Ciniphes
05. Hill Of The Poison Tre
06. Disaster Cage
07. On Wings Of Brimstone
08. White Light / Black Rain
09. Tomb Of Tephra
10. Waylayer

The track “On Wings Of Brimstone” can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

“Tragedy Has Spoken” release dates:

* June 29: Germany, Austria, Switzerland + Digital
* July 2: Rest Of Europe
* July 3: North America
* July 4: Scandinavia

MISERATION‘s sophomore album, “The Mirroring Shadow”, was released in November 2009 via Lifeforce Records.

“On Wings Of Brimstone” audio stream:


“Stepping Stone Agenda” audio stream: