MONGREL To Release ‘Reclamation’ In September

Boston metal/punk crossover act MONGREL will release its fifth CD, “Reclamation”, on September 25 via THC: X, the digital/alternative imprint of THC: Music.

While making “Reclamation”, MONGREL “went through hell,” according to guitarist and MONGREL mainman Adam Savage. “It was a four-year, five-bandmember change, two-studio, two-label and countless-hour process and now it’s finally coming out!”

As the members of MONGREL were recording the new album, tensions within the band were tearing it apart and just as the CD was being completed. MONGREL ended up parting ways with its singer and drummer. They quickly recruited Dave Kazukiewicz to sit behind the kit, but finding a singer wouldn’t prove to be as easy. “We found a male singer and then life circumstances put an end to that pretty fast,” says Savage. “We then asked my friend Jessica Sierra to cover some shows with us.”

After filling in for a few shows, Jessica joined MONGREL on a permanent basis and the band returned to the studio to re-record what would become “Reclamation” from scratch.

From the sludgy back-alley-infused opener “Bored To Death” through to the punk anthem “C And A Half” and to the final track, “No Gods, No Masters”, the work of veteran producer Jim Foster is captured perfectly on this unrelenting, raunchy, thunderous twelve-track affair.


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