MONOLITHE Completes Recording New Album

French doom metallers MONOLITHE have finished recording their third full-length album, “Monolithe III”, at Reed Studio, to be released later this year via Debemur Morti Productions in a four-panel digipack CD. The CD will be mixed and mastered this summer by Andrew Guillotin at Hybreed Studio. The artwork was created by Norwegian artist Robert Høyem.

“Monolithe III” will once again consist of a single long track.

Shortly after the release of the “Interlude Premier” EP back in 2007, MONOLITHE started to work on a new full-length album that was supposed to become “Monolithe III”. This effort was also supposed to be released in 2008 via Appease Me…/Candlelight Records. However, for many reasons (including issues with Candlelight and mixing troubles), the effort never got completed and released.

In 2011, MONOLITHE decided to revisit and complete the music that had been recorded for the unfinished “Monolithe III” album and release it as a new EP. That became 2012’s “Interlude Second”, consisting of the tracks “Harmony Of Null Matter” Sections 1 and 2.

The next MONOLITHE album, “Monolithe III”, will contain brand new material and will not feature any of the music that had been announced in 2008.

Whereas both EPs lean toward experimentation, “Monolithe III” is a continuation of what had been done with the “Monolithe I” and “Monolithe II” albums.

The “Interlude Premier” (2007) and “Interlude Second” (2012) EPs have been released via the Internet free of charge.