Morbid Angel – “Our audience is some of the greatest people in the world”

Morbid Angel - David Vincent

Morbid Angel – David Vincent conducted an interview with David Vincent of Morbid Angel on July 10th 2011 and when asked about the connection between the band and the audience Vincent replied: “Our audience is some of the greatest people of the world. It’s been a journey – we do crazy things musically. And our fans are true morbid Angel fans. They expect us, and they expect to be challenged.”

When asked about their new album “Illud Divinum Insanus” Vincent said “I’m blown away by the creativity – it’s just damn unique. I’m absolutely proud of everyone’s effort on this record”.

On the subject of classic death metal bands, Vincent expressed that he’s looking forward to the new Carcass record: “I would love for there to be a new Carcass album personally because I really like Carcass a lot, Carcass has always been one of my favourite bands.”

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Morbid Angel released their 8th studio album “Illud Divinum Insanus” on June 7th 2011 through Season of mist. Morbid Angel’s new album entered the Billboard 200 Chart at position #141. The album also entered the Billboard Heatseekers chart at position #3. For more information on morbid Angel visit their official website –

MORBID ANGEL - Illud Divinum Insanus

MORBID ANGEL – Illud Divinum Insanus