MÖTLEY CRÜE: Voting Page For Tour Setlist Now Open

MÖTLEY CRÜE has decided to let the fans decide the band’s setlist for this summer’s tour via an online vote. Bassist Nikki Sixx says, “You wanted it, you got it, fuckers…”

Click here to vote for your favorite 15 songs to be heard on this summer’s tour.

When asked about CRÜE and POISON‘s upcoming tour with NEW YORK DOLLS and why their two bands hadn’t hit the road together before, Sixx said during a recent interview, “We were on separate paths. And MÖTLEY‘s thing had been we didn’t wanna tour with any bands from the same era that we were about; we wanted to stay on our own. And me and Bret had talked and they’d been doing the same thing — [turns to Bret, who was also part of the interview] you’ve taken out a lot of the alternative and active rock bands as well. And the fans are the ones that really kind of demanded it and made MÖTLEY and the guys in POISON start to talk about it. And the [NEW YORK] DOLLS signed on, and we were, like, ‘You know, this time right now, economically, it’s so bad for touring and for fans and for bands. What can we do to make the ultimate fan experience?” All the hits, the show, they know all the music… And both bands put on just a killer show, and we’re looking forward to it. So I’m glad we didn’t do it [earlier].”

In response to a question about whether there was any bad blood between CRÜE and POISON, POISON singer Bret Michaels said during a separate interview, “There may be some friendly competition but there is no bad blood at all on my part. Nikki and I have spoken several times on the phone recently and the conversations went great. Music is a universal language and I am extremely excited that this tour has come together as are the fans, they are truly going to see a great show. Honestly, I could care less about all the mudslinging, it gets nobody nowhere, and after all I have been through health wise in the last year, I am going to try to focus on what does matter which is the show, the fans, fun and personally throwing a hell of a backstage party.”