MOTÖRHEAD Guitarist: It Has Been A Privilege To Be Able To Play For People Who Enjoy Our Music

Amy Harris of CityBeat recently conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

CityBeat: What is the best and worst part of being out on the road now? You guys have been touring for 30 years.

Phil Campbell: You are home for three weeks and then you are ready to come on the road for two months. You are dying get back home. We are not really complainers. One of the worst parts obviously is not having your family there, home comforts and your dogs and things like that. The food can be tough because you really don’t have much choice. That’s not particularly good. The best part is you don’t have to get up early in the morning anymore. We sleep in until really late, so that’s very cool.

CityBeat: Any regrets through the years?

Phil Campbell: No, not really, none. It has been pretty good. It has been a privilege to be able to play music for people who enjoy our music. No, no major regrets, no.

CityBeat: I know your children are also in bands. Have you thought about recording with them anytime in the future?

Phil Campbell: Yeah, they are doing really good. I have some children in a band called STRAIGHT LINES. They have their second album out and they are doing lots of shows. They have great reviews in all the magazines and everything. Hopefully they will be doing the Warped Tour next summer. Another is in a band called INSIDE THE TREES but they changed their name to THE PEOPLE’S POET and they are recording their new album now, as we speak. It’s a quite different kind of music. They have their own sound as well. They are all doing really well.

CityBeat: Do you ever play with them?

Phil Campbell: I used to when they were younger but they won’t let me play anymore. I’m not good enough.

Read the entire interview from CityBeat.


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