MOTÖRHEAD Shiraz Rosé: The Obvious Choice For All Rockers

All rockers can now enjoy a rosé wine that comes in a bottle full of attitude. Motörhead Shiraz Rosé has a massive rock’n’roll feeling to it and appeals to both the female and male rock audience.

Just like rock concerts, music festivals and BBQs, the absolute peak season for drinking rosé is during the summer months. Rosé is no longer looked down upon as the lightweight stepchild in the wine family, on the contrary, rosé wine is climbing in popularity everywhere.

Why, then, does a hard-rocking lifestyle band like MOTÖRHEAD make a rosé? The answer is as simple, straightforward and classic as the wine itself!

“Myself and the other band members have always liked drinking rosé, it’s as simple as that,” says MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee.

Made from 100% Shiraz, Motörhead Shiraz Rosé has a fruity, rich and flavorful taste with good spiciness. It is best served chilled and with foods such as quality charcuteries and cold cuts, which have both the saltiness and spice that makes rosé wine such a great accompaniment. It also works really well with grilled meats and spicy food, and, of course, on its own… with some Motörmusic in the background.

Name: Motörhead Shiraz Rosé
Vintage: 2010/12
Grape composition: 100% Shiraz
Origin: Southeastern Australia
Bottles per case: 6


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