MOTÖRHEAD’s LEMMY: ‘I Don’t Want Any More Stardom Than We’ve Got Right Now’

Thomas H Green of The Telegraph recently conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD mainman Ian Fraser Kilmister, known to all simply as Lemmy. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On whether he finds it frustrating that MOTÖRHEAD is defined in the public eye by Lemmy‘s image rather than their music:

Lemmy: “That’s about it, isn’t it?! Still, you can’t have it all ways. My persona has given me a certain notoriety, if not international celebrity. I don’t want any more stardom than we’ve got right now, I couldn’t stand it, it’d be too much.”

On how the hedonistic revelry of his lyrics on MOTÖRHEAD‘s latest album is tempered with a dour fatalism:

Lemmy: “Yeah, well, I’m not as young as I used to be, and the younger you are, the more immortal you are, which is sad, but there you go. Also, you become more cynical as time goes by. The more you learn about everything, the more you learn that everything’s fixed not in your favor.”

On MOTÖRHEAD being credited for inventing speed metal:

Lemmy: “Metal is kind of the bastard son of rock ‘n’ roll. If Eddie Cochran was alive now, or Buddy Holly, they’d be doing it. Or punk rock.”

On celebrity culture, especially TV talent shows such as “The X Factor”:

Lemmy: “It’s a joke. You can’t win fame, you have to earn it. If you’re given fame without working for it, then you’re not going to be ready for it. Fame’s quite a thing to digest, you know.”

On his Los Angeles home — as seen in the film “Lemmy” — which appears to be a bit of a mess:

Lemmy: “That’s how it is, I’m afraid. It’s a very small place, you see. If a chick lived in it, she’d probably throw half my [memorabilia] collection away, which would destroy my pension scheme.”

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