Musical Mastermind Behind GREEN JELLY Releases New Album

As musical mastermind behind the controversial early ’90s band GREEN JELLY, guitarist/producer CJ Buscaglia crafted the slimy rock grooves on their million-selling album “Cereal Killer”. Fans of their Grammy-nominated follow-up “333” know the self-proclaimed “world’s worst band” was actually pretty good, powered by Buscaglia‘s crosshatched guitars and classic-sounding thrust.

Long past the costumed juvenalia and parodistic riffs of his old band, CJ‘s own music cuts deeper. There is sincerity in the swagger of his new album, “Green Jello On My Face Again”. Sleazy glam rock moves cohabit with funky gestures and psychedelic moments on songs both dark and vulnerable, with Buscaglia‘s voice a raw strand of texture tying it all together. With celebrity cameos including a phone message from Iggy Pop and musical testimony from Jack Black, “Green Jello On My Face Again” is a bonafide modern rock performance that’s messy like JELLY, yet mystic in its own humbucking way. It should be appreciated by aficionados of all things rock and roll.

To hear a sample or to purchase “Green Jello On My Face Again”, go to this location.