Pennsylvania metallers MY HEART TO FEAR have inked a deal with Solid State Records. The band’s new EP, “Lost Between Brilliance And Insanity”, will be released on November 20.

“Lost Between Brilliance And Insanity” follows up several DIY releases that showcased the band’s penchant for technical riffs, swaggering vocals and sky-high choruses, elements that helped them build the fervent fanbase that supports them today.

MY HEART TO FEAR hails from the same geographic region and musical circles that spawned a number of metalcore successes in recent years — most notably genre giants AUGUST BURNS RED, along with TEXAS IN JULY and THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE. While a less confident band may look to steal a page or two out of those artists’ playbooks, MY HEAT TO FEAR is intent on forging its own sound.

“When we write music we don’t stick to any one formula,” explains vocalist Trevor Pool. “We don’t write to please a certain group of people or to fit into specific genres. Nor do we sit down with a preconceived idea of what a song should or should not sound like. Instead we allow the music itself to reveal subconscious and spiritual paths. Rather than deriving inspiration solely from music, we find influence in the world around us and aim to transpose these non-musical entities into the musical aspects of a song.”

With the release of “Lost Between Brilliance And Insanity”, MY HEAT TO FEAR stands as a sterling example of a band whose work ethic and persistence on an independent level has paid off.

“Signing with Solid State is a huge step for us,” says Pool. “It is almost surreal to look back at all of the literal blood, sweat, and tears of our journey and to wonder what we would have thought at each phase if we could have seen, just for a moment, where we are now. We love the family-centered mentality of the Solid State staff and artists and hope to strengthen the family in whatever way possible!”

For MY HEAT TO FEAR, family is just one cornerstone of four pillars of support that have helped the band push on and persevere: Family. Faith. Pride. Brotherhood. It’s a saying that has become something of a mantra for the band and demonstrates their belief that, for as much as they believe in their own abilities, they wouldn’t be where they are without the support of others.

“We want to encourage everyone to not just shoot for their dreams, but to fight relentlessly for them,” says Pool. “We could not have made it this far in our journey without the endless support of those around us.”


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