MYON: ‘Call Of The Senses’ Video Released

“Call Of The Senses”, the new video from Finland’s MYON, can be seen below. The clip features Hustler cover model and budding singer Kimberly Knox (a.k.a. Veera Julia Ikkala), who also directed the video.

“The song is a story about extreme adrenaline search, so we needed a video that really shows all about what experiencing the extremes can be,” says MYON leader Mika Pohjola.

Added Knox, “When I heard ‘Call Of The Senses’ for the first time and was asked to act in the video, my decision was an immediate ‘YES!’ This is because, personally the song touches me deeply and for me it is easy to relate to adrenaline-seeking behavior.

“To me, life has always been about the extremes — truly feeling each moment and following my instincts, for better and worse.

“I started to build a clear picture in my mind about how to bring this across to our viewers and ended up directing the video myself, for I had a distinct vision that I wished to show the audience: living life to the extreme… Really feeling the adrenaline and life to the maximum in certain moments. Be it for good or bad. Evidently, such lifestyle takes its toll, in a way or another. To some, it can be worth it, to some, it is not. But my point was not to moralize or judge, ONLY to show what such moments and lifestyle of extremes may be.”

Tragically, on December 18, Niko Vainikainen, who can be seen in some scenes in the video, died in as extreme way as he lived.

The “Call Of The Senses” single and video will be released digitally on January 1, 2012.

MYON is:

Jukka Nummi – Vocals
Mika Pohjola – Keyboards
Jyrki Laiho – Guitar
Keijo Koivikko – Bass
Matti Torro – Drums




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