NASUM Announces North American Tour

Legendary Swedish grinders NASUM have announced a limited number of farewell performances for 2012 including their first-ever tour on North American soil.

NASUM was hit hard by the passing of guitarist and co-founder Mieszko Talarczyk in the 2004 Asian tsunami, but announced the farewell performances to mark the band’s 20th anniversary and close the book on the influential act. The group will be bringing total devastation to North America beginning May 18 in Chicago, Illinois with grind-mates BRUTAL TRUTH and seminal hardcore troupe DROPDEAD for a series of Midwest and East Coast dates before co-headlining the 10th annual Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, Maryland. Immediately after, NASUM will head out to the West Coast for a series of shows including support from BLACK BREATH, FROM ASHES RISE, MASSGRAVE and more bands. NASUM will wrap up this highly-anticipated run at Chaos In Tejas in Austin, Texas on May 31.

In addition to the North American dates, NASUM has also been confirmed for a dozen festivals in Europe, including Wacken Open Air, Hellfest, Graspop Metal Meeting, Obscene Extreme and many more.

The members of NASUM (Anders Jakobson: drums, Jesper Liverod: bass/vocals, Urban Skytt: guitars, Jon Lindqvist: guitars/vocals) have enlisted the help of ROTTEN SOUND vocalist Keijo Niinimaa to handle the screams for the forthcoming dates.

Anders Jakobson and Jesper Liverod commented on the upcoming North American dates: “So, farewell America. We mean it. These are the gigs that will sew our mouths shut. No turning back, no regrets, no apologies — we offer nothing but blastbeats and good times. This is about making grindcore a threat once and for all. This first leg of the last tour is ironically also the first tour NASUM leads in North America. Barring the infamous ‘Contamination’ tour in 1999, and a bit of chaos at the Milwaukee Metalfest in 2001, North America is untouched by our blasting. Kind of weird, considering NASUM‘s most dedicated following always came from Canada and the U.S.”

NASUM 2012 is:

Anders Jakobson – Drums
Jesper Liveröd – Bass And Low Vocals
Jon Lindqvist – Guitars And Low Vocals
Urban Skytt – Guitars
Keijo Niinimaa – Vocals conducted an interview with NASUM drummer Anders Jakobson in November 2011 about the band’s upcoming farewell tour. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.


Photo credit: Terése Andersson