NECRONOMICON: Behind-The-Scenes Footage From ‘European Connexus Conjuration Tour’

Quebec, Canada-based black/death metallers NECRONOMICON have uploaded a new webisode featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the band’s April 2012 “European Connexus Conjuration Tour”. Check it out below.

NECRONOMICON in May 2011 announced the addition of bassist Armaros to the group’s ranks.

Bassist Diego “D” left NECRONOMICON in 2010 in order to undertake “different professional and personal projects” that he wouldn’t be “able to do simultaneously with [his previous] band duties.”

NECRONOMICON‘s latest album, “The Return Of The Witch”, was released in June 2010 via Austria’s Napalm Records. The CD was mastered with reputed engineer Maor Appelbaum (HALFORD, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION) and features guest appearances by Arianne Fleury (ex-AUGURY) and Roxanne Constantin (NEGATIVA, QUO VADIS), among others.