NECROPHOBIC ‘Does Not Condone Domestic Violence’

NECROPHOBIC 'Does Not Condone Domestic Violence'Cult Swedish black/death metal act NECROPHOBIC has released a statement regarding the abuse allegations concerning their vocalist Tobias Sidegård. It reads as follows:

“Due to current allegations regarding Tobias, we want to point out that we cannot comment on an ongoing legal process in Sweden. NECROPHOBIC, however, does not condone domestic violence. This will be our only statement until legal matters have been resolved.”

Sidegård is accused beating his wife multiple times between September 2011 and April 2013. He is also suspected of physically abusing his daughters with a homemade bullwhip.

The Swedish court documents and police reports detailing Tobias‘ alleged crimes can be downloaded as PDF files at the Swedish discussion forum

Two separate Swedish media reports (in which Sidegård was not identified by name) from May 2013 regarding the allegations against the NECROPHOBIC frontman can be found by following these links:


Sidegård has denied all charges through his attorney, claiming that the injuries suffered by Tobias‘ wife that were described in the indictment occurred in “other ways” than through physical abuse perpetrated by the musician.

Tobias sent an e-mail to the Metal Insider and MetalSucks web sites earier this week insisting that he was “set free after second appeal in higher court” and revealing that the verdict in the case will be finalized in two weeks. “I’ve been fucking innocently accused and never hit a woman in my life,” he wrote.

NECROPHOBIC will release its seventh full-length album, “Womb Of Lilithu”, on October 29 (four days earlier in Europe) via Season Of Mist.