NECROWRETCH: Debut Album Details Revealed

French death metal maniacs NECROWRETCH have revealed the cover artwork of their upcoming debut album, “Putrid Death Sorcery”. The painting, which was done by cover artist Milovan Novakovic (who also did the artwork for the band’s previous releases), perfectly visualizes the musical aura of NECROWRETCH: rancid, filthy and dark death metal.

“Putrid Death Sorcery” will be released on January 28 in Europe and February 5 in North America via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded in late August at Blackout Multimedia studios in Brussels, Belgium by Phorgath of ENTHRONED.

“Putrid Death Sorcery” track listing:

01. Ripping Souls Of Sinners
02. Purifying Torment
03. Goat-Headed
04. Putrid Death Sorcery
05. Impious Plague In Catacombs
06. Spewed From Hell
07. Defiler Of Sacrality
08. The Anthropomancer
09. Soiled Into A Crypt
10. Necrollections
11. Repugnizer



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