Century Media Records has announced the signing of France’s NECROWRETCH.

Combining influences from the early works of bands such as MERCILESS, MORGOTH, GROTESQUE and tons of others unforgettable acts with their own vision, NECROWRETCH is currently one of the most promising young death metal bands.

NECROWRETCH‘s guitarist/vocalist Vlad comments: “We are, of course, very happy and proud to join the Century Media Records family in which we already feel really comfortable! We are convinced that this collaboration is for us a unique chance to work in the best conditions with experienced and passionate people. We are now eagerly waiting to start working on our first unholy album. Finally, I would like to thank Jens Prüter, Philipp Schulte and Jerry Maréchal for their confidence and dedication!”

Jens Prüter, head Of AR at Century Media Europe, comments: “It already surprised the metal scene that we signed the, back then, rather unknown band SONNE ADAM from Israel. And I can just repeat myself: it’s about the unique quality and we have a history signing death metal newcomers. Bands like GRAVE, MORGOTH and ASPHYX had just a couple of demos out before we signed them over 20 years ago. Let’s continue with the next generation and welcome NECROWRETCH! The ‘Putrefactive Infestation’ 12″ dominated my turntable for some months and I’m sure the upcoming album will be as sick and heavy! Bands like MASSACRA, AGRESSOR or MERCYLESS can be proud that NECROWRETCH is carrying on the torch of French death metal.”

Jerry Maréchal, AR at Century Media Europe, comments: “It has been four years now that I follow the progression of the band and all I can say is that it has been truly impressive! From the first demo to the ‘Putrefactive Infestation’ 12″, the two main characters behind the band managed to establish NECROWRETCH as a solid newcomer in the death metal field by transcending their excellent early ’90s underground influences while remaining faithful to what is genuine death metal. Hail to them!”

NECROWRETCH will start writing its first album after the release of the band’s first seven-inch EP on Detest Records. This EP will be released March 10 during the band’s first German live appearance at the ASPHYX new album release party at the Turock club in Essen, followed by an appearance at the Hell’s Pleasure Festival on July 20-21 in Pößneck, East Germany.