NEGATOR Vows To Carry On Despite Singer’s New Gig With DARK FUNERAL

NEGATOR, one of Germany’s leading extreme metal outfits, has issued the following update:

“It is with great excitement that we recently learned that our vocalist, Nachtgarm, is from now joining our black metal comrades DARK FUNERAL as a permanent member. There he is also in charge of what he is best at: Confronting the world, breathing fire and brimstone and simply hooting down everything around. However, to get one thing clear right away: NEGATOR will, of course, continue the successful path we have taken. Nachtgarm will, of course, lead our battalion further on and will remain the singer of NEGATOR. An assumed double burden is simply non-existent. Consequently, we can assure every single one of you that all confirmed festival shows (With Full Force, Eisenwahn Festival, Wacken Open Air) will happen just as planned. Furthermore, the work concerning the successor of ‘Panzer Metal’ will continue with great enthusiasm and relentless diligence. That Nachtgarm is now among the ranks of one of black metal’s most influential bands of all times is also complementing his work with NEGATOR. Therefore, we are proud that we with our work as NEGATOR were able to contribute and have a part in this.

“The tank keeps rolling. Irresistible. More than ever. Today until the very end of days, only one thing shall be the law: Panzer Forever Panzer!”

NEGATOR recentlyannounced the addition of drummer Asgard Niels to the group’s ranks.

Asgard has previously played in several different bands such IRATE ARCHITECT and HOLY MOSES. At present he is “beating the shit out of his drums” with GOREZONE and INTO OBLIVION. However, it is to be understood that his main focus is now NEGATOR.

Video footage of a May 2011 NEGATOR rehearsal can be viewed below (courtesy of