NERVGIFT: Second Demo Track Posted Online

“Total Förvirring”, a song from NERVGIFT (“Nerve-Venom” in Swedish) — the new Örebro, Sweden-based punk/metal band featuring bassist/guitarist Oskar Pålsson (COLDWORKER), vocalist Calle Henriksson (KVOTERINGEN) and drummer Andreas Gustavsson (OND BRÅD DÖD) — can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The track comes off the group’s recenty completed debut demo. The music for the four-song effort was recorded in a basement beneath a municipal school in Kumla between March 23 and March 25, and the vocals were added at COLDWORKER‘s rehearsal room on March 27.

NERVGIFT is currently seeking a suitable record label to release these four songs as the band’s first seven-inch vinyl.


Oskar Pålsson (COLDWORKER) – Guitar, Bass
Calle Henriksson (KVOTERINGEN) – Vocals
Andreas Gustavsson (OND BRÅD DÖD) – Drums