Indie Recordings has announced the signing of Norway’s NETTLECARRIER.

NETTLECARRIER is freezing cold, satanic black metal at its best. Starring T. Ciekals (DJEVEL, LJÅ), Mannevond (KOLDBRANN, URGEHAL) and Dirge Rep (ORCUSTUS, GEHENNA, GORGOROTH, ENSLAVED), the group will release its debut album later in the year.

NETTLECARRIER was formed in 2004 when T. Ciekals, who was a member of the band LJÅ at the time, moved to Oslo and teamed up with Mannevond from the infamous KOLDBRANN. “I had been in contact with Mannevond a few years back and we were both fans of each others bands,” said Ciekals. They had a burning desire to create a black metal band that did not sound like anyone else, but with an older and more sinister sound. In late 2006, Vold joined in on drums for a short while and as a three-piece the pace increased. This resulted in the release of the seven-inch vinyl single, “To Strangle The Hero Of Heaven”.

When Mannevond started Urgehal and T. Ciekals formed DJEVEL, NETTLECARRIER was put on ice for almost three years. “I left LJÅ in 2007 to focus on DJEVEL and Mannevond was busy with URGEHAL, but NETTLECARRIER wasn’t dead, just buried for a while,” explained Ciekals. After the DJEVEL album was released, Ciekals was finally able to focus on NETTLECARRIER again. The very talented Dirge Rep joined the band on drums in 2010 and the decision to record an album was made.


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