New DARKSIDE Album To Feature Guest Appearance By PESTILENCE Mainman

Austria’s longest-running death metal band DARKSIDE will be at Shaark Studio in Czech Republic between February 15 and February 28 recording bass, guitar and vocals for their upcoming sixth full-length album, “Inferno”. Since the lenghth of the effort exceeds the playing time of a regular CD, “Inferno” will be released as a double album.

Comments DARKSIDE vocalist Wolf: “We have quite a retro vibe on this album, without explicitly going for it from the start, the same like a lot of things for this album came together on coincidences. So having our recording roots in Czech Republic, we thought it would be a cool thing to record parts of our album back there where everything started over 20 years ago. It was in Bzenec, where the studio is situated, where DARKSIDE played four times the Attack Of Fire festival, more often than any other band without being a Czech band. It was in this part of Czech Republic that KRABATHOR came from, the band we played well over 70 shows together in the first years of DARKSIDE‘s existence. We know the guys from the Shaark Studio, them being part of the band SHAARK, a classic thrash outfit from this area, part of them playing in MASTER these days. Putting all these things together with the fact, that we have this retro feeling on some songs of the new album, which means that there are songs that reflect the first albums of DARKSIDE a bit, it was a logical step to go back to where it all started.

“Inferno” will feature 14 songs and five instrumentals. All drum tracks on the new CD were laid down by Alessandro Vagnoni, a renowned Italian musician who has previously played with INFERNAL POETRY, DARK LUNACY and RESURRECTURIS. Alessandro recorded the drum tracks in Italy during December 2012. DARKSIDE has also announced the addition of Jaroslav Lukac, guitarist for bands as XXXX, RECODE THE SUBLIMINAL and FAUSTINUS. Jaro will provide leads for most of the songs.

Said Wolf: “I know Alessandro for quite some years now and I knew he was the right man to give this album the extra push it needed in terms of groove, skills and rhythm. I am very glad he took this responsibility and I must say he did an excellent job, Alessandro, you rock!

Jaro was actually a suggestion from our graphics designer, Kewin Miceli. We were talking about a few things with Kewin and he suggested to ask Jaro about that, who agreed on stepping in and being a part of this project.”

Otto Jezek, classical guitar player and teacher, will provide classical guitars to a song called “Madeleine”, an instrumental track, which describes the main character of the album, but there is, of course, more to it.

Comments Wolf: “Otto was actually the guitarist of my very first metal band called METAL DAZE back in 1983. I think we didn’t speak with each other for eons when I had the idea for that instrumental track that should describe the character of Madeleine, her passion, her belief, but also her doubts and fears and the impact the abuse was leaving on her. I contacted Otto and he agreed and judging by the first demos he sent me I can only say, it was the right choice!”

“Madeleine” is also going to feature a second guitarist from DARKSIDE‘s hometown, Wiener Neustadt, namely Alexander Kodnar, guitarist for Austria’s uprising new force in metal DEVASTATING ENEMY.

Said Wolf: “I always wanted to have this kind of shred guitar wizzardish solo on some DARKSIDE album and so my mind was swaying around, who to choose for this endaevour and often, you don’t need to search far away, ’cause the good stuff is right at hand, haha… I contacted Alex and asked him to join us on that track and he agreed, which I feel pretty lucky about. Funny enough, I went to kindergarten with his father back in the days, haha. Alex has sent me some demos of what he conceived for ‘Madeleine’ and it blew me away in the way he figured out exactly what I was looking for.”

DARKSIDE can confirm one more prestigious collaboration. On “Sacrificial Blessings”, a member of one of the most influential European death metal bands, PESTILENCE, has provided a lead guitar track. Patrick Mameli has laid down a solo that sounds very “pestilent” but being a perfect part of the song itself fitting in perfectly in terms of mood and composition.

Said Wolf: “This is something very special to us indeed. When we started out with DARKSIDE in 1991, we were influenced by bands such as VOIVOD, SLAYER, PARADISE LOST and PESTILENCE as well as ASPHYX, NOCTURNUS and MORBID ANGEL. Listening to ‘Sacrificial Blessings’ for some days, I had the impression that it had some PESTILENCE-sounding chords and melodies in it, so I gave it a try and asked Patrick if he would go for it, and luckily enough for us, he agreed. He recorded his lead during the last days of December last year and I just say — this really kills!!!”