New DEVOLVED Album To Feature Guest Appearance By ALL SHALL PERISH Guitarist

Australian/Los Angeles tech-metal masters DEVOLVED will release their new album in November. All music was written and performed by John Sankey and Mark Hawkins (ROBOTS PULLING LEVERS), with lyrics and arrangement by Sankey. The vocals were performed by DEVOLVED‘s new lead singer, Mark Haggblad (UNVEIL THE STRENGTH), following the departure of Kyle Zemanek (DEADSETT). The CD will feature guest appearances from several noteable artists, including ALL SHALL PERISH guitarist Francesco Artusato. Songtitles set to appear on the effort include “Systematic Avenger”, “Collateral Damage”, “Accelerated Human Degeneration” and “Terminal Enslavement”.

A demo version of “Systematic Avenger” can be streamed in the the YouTube clip below.

Commented Sankey: “This is the fastest, heaviest and most accomplished DEVOLVED album yet. We pushed the boundaries as far as possible with these songs, I can’t wait for people to hear it!”

In related news, Sankey has just completed laying down drum tracks for the debut album from his other band, THRONE OF ASHES.

Sankey late last year recorded all the demo drum sessions for the new FEAR FACTORY album, “The Industrialist”, and co-wrote and programmed all the drum parts, along with FF guitarist Dino Cazares, for the final CD. He was unable to join FEAR FACTORY as the band’s new touring drummer due to visa restrictions.

Cazares previously stated about the new DEVOLVED material, “Systematic brutality at its best. Raising the bar once again with their intellectual song arrangements [and] insane drum patterns that would make any tech metal fan turn their heads. This band just keeps getting better and better. Welcome to the end of everything that you once knew and say hello to the future.”

DEVOLVED‘s last album, “Oblivion”, was released in May 2011 via Unique Leader Records.



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