New iPhone/Android App To Help You Understand OZZY OSBOURNE

According to, a new phone app has been created to help people understand the infamous Brummie accent (a colloquial term for the inhabitants, accent and dialect of Birmingham, England), which legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne is notorious for having.

The iBrummie app translates sayings from the famous second city twang into the Queen’s English and says them out loud.

Manchester company Athernet came up with the idea after enjoying stunning success in Wigan, Lancashire, with iWiganese.

iBrummie will be available for free download on iPhones and Android phones on December 19.

In a 2003 episode of Ozzy and his family’s smash MTV reality series “The Osbournes”, the vocalist famously had problems with his then-new car, as the voice recognition system couldn’t understand a word he said.


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