New KAMELOT Singer: ‘I Can Only Be Myself And Give It All I’ve Got’

Kamelot Sweden recently conducted an interview with the new KAMELOT singer Tommy Karevik. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Kamelot Sweden: Congratulations on your new job! Kamelot Sweden is very proud and happy that KAMELOT‘s new singer is from Sweden. Has it sunk in yet?

Tommy Karevik: Thank you! Both yes and no, actually, KAMELOT didn’t have a singer for nearly two years, and during that time a lot of things were unsure. But it also meant that I had time to think things through in case I was asked. With that said, it’s impossible to be fully prepared for the roller coaster ride that was set in motion once my name became official.

Kamelot Sweden: So, what went through your head when you got the offer?

Tommy Karevik: I think my reactions were really Swedish at first. I work full time as a firefighter, being a singer for SEVENTH WONDER is a full-time job as well, and I also have my beloved girlfriend Silvia. To add a full-time job as a singer in an internationally acclaimed band with ambitious touring/future plans was not an obvious choice at first. I was a guest singer on the European tour during 2011 and I started to feel for the music then and all the amazing people that surround the band. When Thomas [Youngblood, KAMELOT guitarist] asked me, I had absolutely no doubts!

Kamelot Sweden: The response on the Internet has been overwhelming. Were you nervous how the fans would react when the announcement was made?

Tommy Karevik: Of course I was a bit nervous… I completely understand that people are emotionally attached to Roy [Khan, former KAMELOT singer] and all the previous KAMELOT albums. With that said, I can only be myself and give it all I’ve got! I’m confident and I’m really happy about all the positive feedback that I have received!

Kamelot Sweden: How were the reactions when you met your fans at the concerts?

Tommy Karevik: It’s been amazing actually! So many have been happy and supportive! I was prepared for the worst. I’m really grateful that it’s been working out so well.

Kamelot Sweden: You’ve played a new song, “Sacrimony”, at the festivals this summer. How was the audience response to it?

Tommy Karevik: Surprisingly well. From previous experience, when you play a new song live that nobody has heard before, the response is usually not very enthusiastic. But not in this case. I think people are really happy that there’s going to be another KAMELOT album so quickly and that the singer situation is finally over.

Kamelot Sweden: The upcoming album, “Silverthorn”, is a concept album. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Tommy Karevik: In short, the story takes place in 19th century England. Everything revolves around a powerful family whose fate is sealed by an unexpected death. From there, the story kicks off and brings the listener on a journey through musical landscapes and emotional storms. It contains everything; love, hate, despair, reliance, happiness, sorrow, envy and anger. I think we’ll keep the rest until the album is out.

Kamelot Sweden: Can you mention some more tracks from “Silverthorn”?

Tommy Karevik: A few tracks from the new album are “Prodigal Son”, “Ashes To Ashes” and “Song For Jolee”.

Kamelot Sweden: You replaced Roy Khan who had quite a unique stage presence, did it bother you to be compared with him?

Tommy Karevik: No. I’m gonna be myself out there and I don’t think too much about it. I think the music channels a certain emotion and calls for a certain stage presence. The most important thing to me is that the audience feels what I feel when I’m on stage. Then I have succeeded. When it comes to similarities between us as singers, there will always be things that we do alike and things that we do differently, but that isn’t something that I choose to focus on.

Kamelot Sweden: You’ve recorded a video in Belgrade. Can you mention which song you did, or is it still a secret?

Tommy Karevik: The first video will be “Sacrimony”. The song also features Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE) and Alissa White-Gluz (THE AGONIST).

Read the entire interview from Kamelot Sweden.




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