New TIGHT Frontwoman: ‘The Ladies All Laugh Until I Start To Sing And Then Everyone Shuts Up’

Wild Eye Releasing has just released “Tight”, a hilarious “mockumentary” about four adult performers who create the all-girl rock band TIGHT and hit the road to promote their music, meet new fans and learn about friendship, perseverance and the insanity of the rock and roll lifestyle. For the first time ever, the lives of an all-female adult star rock band is documented for the world to see.

“Tight”, which is available on DVD, follows Monica Mayhem, Tuesday Cross, Alicia Andrews and Layla Labelle as they temporarily take leave of the adult industry and try to make it as rock musicians, sweating it out in the clubs under the management of one of the biggest names in the adult industry, and former Charlie Sheen “Goddess,” Bree Olson.

TIGHT (the band) competed and won on Howard Stern‘s “XXX Factor” talent competition back in April, and a new lead singer, Kelley Jean, recently replaced Mayhem, adding a new dynamic to the quartet.

Speaking to AOL‘s Noisecreep, Kelley stated about how she got involved with TIGHT, “I was on YouTube and typed in ‘porn star female band’ and TIGHT was the thing that popped up. I was like, ‘I would have been perfect for this!’ I sent them an email and said if you’re ever looking for a singer, let me know. The manager wrote me and said, ‘We filmed this in 2010. It’s out on the market right now and if we get picked up by a distributor or network, we’ll need a singer.’ So the other singer moved back to Australia, got married and pregnant and there was then an opportunity. So when it got a distributor, TIGHT‘s manager called and offered me an audition and I said, ‘Sure!’ So they sent me the background music, I recorded nine demos and they loved them.”

Asked if she has been into singing for a long time, Kelley said, “I’ve been singing since I was little kid. I started off with theater — you know, I was the lead in ‘Annie’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Oliver’ — then I got into the adult field at 18. I started dancing in the clubs and found modeling, then films. After a few years I got out of the clubs and lost track of my music background in the chaos of the adult work. Today, I do a lot of things around here in Detroit. I sang the national anthem for the Charlie Sheen show in Detroit. I danced for Kid Rock‘s 40th birthday party. Again, it’s hard to be taken seriously even though I am seriously musically trained. It blows people away — they see my blonde hair and big ole boobs when I sing karaoke. Then the ladies all laugh until I start to sing and then everyone shuts up.”

“Tight” is loaded with extras, including deleted scenes, bonus videos, unseen concert footage, sexy image galleries, trailers and four pages of liner notes, and has receiving raves: James King of the Phoenix New Times notes that “‘Tight’ has all the components of a perfect reality series,” while The New York Post declared it “the best mockumentary since ‘Spinal Tap’!” The girls’ raw energy pierces the screen and makes the viewer root for this most unlikely of rock bands, even as they implode.




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