NIGHTWISH ‘Imaginaerum’ Movie Director Issues Update

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH recently spent time not only putting finishing touches to their new album, “Imaginaerum”, but also planning a movie of the same name.

“Imaginaerum” is one of the projects which recently received grants from the Finnish government institution called the Finnish Film Foundation. The movie, directed by Stobe Harju, about an old man on his deathbed who glimpses a childhood dream in which he refuses to grow old, and fights aging with his imagination, reportedly got $575,000 toward its $3.7 million budget.

During a September interview with Petri Silas of Finland’s Soundi magazine, NIGHTWISH mainman/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen revealed that all the filming for the “Imaginaerum” movie was done in Canada with mostly Canadian actors/actresses. Post-production is taking place in Canada and Finland. He aso revealed the names of the actors who have two of the main roles in the film: Marianne Farley and Quinn Lord.

Stobe Harju has now issued the following update on the “Imaginaerum” film:

“As most of you may know, we finished the director’s cut for the film. Everyone involved in the screening sessions were very happy and gave precious feedback that made the director’s cut.

“I can say this now, we are very, very, very happy with the cut.

“There are many people who deserve our appreciation, they are fellow directors, co-writers, actors and producers.

“There is still editing required for the visual effects to make us stay in the budget. This phase eventually makes the film and is crucial to the success of the final movie. Again, we are living exciting times.

“Now, filmmaking is mostly about letting go. Besides the editing, I had to say farewell to my very good friend and the editor of the film, Mathieu Bélanger, and his fantastic family who joined me in Finland for couple months. The heart and soul Mathieu put into this film cannot be described by words and I’m sure, our paths will cross in the future and in another project.

“Now, the film is in the good hands of another friend of mine Joshua Sherrett, his Workshop and the great team of Vision Global in Montreal. Their visual effects and their early concept sketches have blown us away several times already, and finally, they get to show us the meaning of the word ‘magic.’ Believe me when I say we’ve seen some pretty exciting stuff so far.

“As my work continues with them, it also continues with Petri Alanko and the soundtrack he’s producing with Tuomas. It’s miraculous how these guys can pull off something completely different but at the same time similar with the ‘Imaginaerum’ album songs. Well, it must be the 350 tracks per song on the album that give that possibility for the variations. Those crazy bastards.

“It’s just a matter of time when we have got something new and special to show you. We hope it’s quick because we can’t wait either.”

“Imaginaerum” film cast:

* Francis X. McCarthy
* Quinn Lord
* Marianne Farley
* Joanna Noyes
* Ilkka Villi
* Keyanna Fielding
* Ron Lea
* Victoria Jung
* Hélène Robitaille
* Stefan Demers
* Anette Olzon
* Marco Hietala
* Tuomas Holopainen
* Emppu Vuorinen
* Jukka Nevalainen

Several photos from the “Imaginaerum” movie shoot can be found at this location. A couple of the pictures are also available below.

The “Imaginaerum” album will be released in the U.S. on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 via Roadrunner Records.

NIGHTWISH will kick off the “Imaginaerum” world tour in Los Angeles. The very first show of the trek will take place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on Saturday, January 21. This will be the biggest NIGHTWISH show production ever on North American soil and strictly a one-off — there will be no U.S. tour until later in 2012.




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