NIGHTWISH Members Answer Fan-Submitted Questions

Finnish/Swedish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH have posted a new “Nightmail” session featuring fan questions answered by Anette Olzon (vocals), Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards), Marco Hietala (bass, vocals) and Jukka Nevalainen(drums). A couple of excerpts follow below.

Q: [To Anette] Now that you have experience in recording with NIGHTWISH, was the process smoother? And how much influence did you have in the writing of the new album, musically or lyrically?

Anette: It was easier this time in many ways. First of all, since I wasnt the new singer this time and didn’t have to be nervous in the studio and feeling the “pressure” of making a fool of myself. Also, the songs were made for me this time and Tuomas [Holopainen, keyboardist/songwriter] had gotten to know my vocal range and where I find it easier to sing and also the album are more in the “musical” and theatrical way of singing now which is more my style. Regarding the writing of the album. I didn’t have any input and that’s mainly because in the band Tuomas is our songwriter and comes up with the ideas and the songs. Then the arrangement process is done with everyone in the band but due to me having my baby, the guys had to arrange this album themselves.

Q: [To Anette] What is the most difficult song to sing in the “Imaginaerum” album for you?

Anette: There’s no song that is so hard I can’t do it, but there’s always the thing with some songs where I have to change from different vocal styles very quickly and also some songs have so much words that are overlapping and live that can be a bit “tricky.” But one song that is a bit harder to do due to the different ways of singing it is “Rest Calm”. First I sing with my harder power voice and then I need to go directly into the very soft chorus with lots of words that overlap one another. So that is a tricky one.

Q: [To Anette] I was wondering if you plan on releasing a solo album after the “Imaginaerum” tour? If not, maybe just a single song or two? I have your songs “Invincible” and “Floating” which I have found through YouTube and I can’t stop listening to them.

Anette: Well, it is my plan to release it someday, but I really don’t know when exactly. I have the tour now for some time and then I also want to finish my studies in the university the coming years, so we’ll see if and when I have the time for it. I do not want to make it a hasty work, ’cause I love my songs and I also want to work with great people who aren’t just doing music for money, but for loving what they do. So we’ll see when, but thanks so much for liking the demo songs.

Q: [To Anette] How do you prepare stage outfits for tour? Do you have certain themes?

Anette: No, I mean, we discussed before the tour about certain style and colours to be used for Imaginaerum and I follow those “rules,” but mainly I try to use fun and creative stuff and clothes that I like. There’s some outfits that I try that I then feel aren’t working, but also many that will be there for several shows during the tour. I do not like to have the same outfit every single evening, so that is why I change.

You can find the entire question-and-answer session at this location.