Nightwish’s Marco Hietala talks Tarot, his brother’s annoyance, and more.

Marco Hietala, songwriter and bassist for Nightwish, recently opened up to the Croatian audience in an interview with Ivana Prica of Croatian Metal And Rock.  During the discussion, Marco talks about his early days with the band Tarot and working with his brother, Sakari.   As far as working with his older brother is concerned Marco simply says “We both annoy each other and we both respect each other and we both have fun together, and all that.  It’s like… you know, being friends for 25 years is a question of a certain personal chemistry, and I think it’s also developed into this kind of thing that we’ve managed to overlook.  Things that would otherwise be annoying, and we manage to respect the ability how we can perform our stuff and we also love… well, the one thing we definitely share is black and sick humor; and that works for everyone of us.  So, that is probably the biggest uniting thing between us.”   

Marco also goes on to speak about Nightwish’s recording and producing process, which he notes is mostly led by Tuomas Holopainen.  For the full interview watch the videos below!

Nightwish also recently released a video message to fans from Tuomas which announced a very special California headlining show.  Watch here! 

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