Nihil Quest Offering “1.1 Splendid Isoaltion” Album As Free Download

Polish hard rock / heavy metal band Nihil Quest has released the full length album “1.1 Splendid Isolation” via iTunes and other digital retailers. The album is also available for a free streaming and download on Jamendo and the official Nihil Quest site.

“If it’s even remotely good, it will end up on pirate sites anyway, so we might as well offer this free for people who want to check us out,” says vocalist Ian Giedrojc.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Man Made Hell
2. 710
3. Equal
4. Splendid Isolation
5. Mental Slave
6. Choose Life (In Misery)
7. Dead Girls
8. (Also Sprach) Franky
9. Holy Nailhead
10. Chemical Saviour
11. The Last Message

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