NIKKI SIXX Talks New MÖTLEY CRÜE Music, Touring And SIXX: A.M.

Nikki Sixx, founder/bassist/songwriter of the world-renowned band MÖTLEY CRÜE and chart-topping act SIXX: A.M., took part in an online chat yesterday (Friday, July 6) with Best Buy‘s “Unboxed” chat series.

When asked about how soon MÖTLEY CRÜE might release a new album, Sixx explained, “We’re writing … and when the songs are ready, we’ll record them and how we will release them, we don’t know, because everything is changing and we kinda like it.”

He added, “How we release music in the future, whether it’s song by song, EP by EP, album by album, or soundtracks to movies, we don’t know … we’re open and excited about our future and in no rush to release music just to release music.”

On the topic of how he and his bandmates approach the look, flow, and aesthetic of the live MÖTLEY experience, Nikki said, “As a whole, MÖTLEY CRÜE is always involved in all the visualization of our live productions, but it seems that a lot of the core ideas do flow from me and Tommy [Lee, drums]. All band members have a speciality that they do within the bands, and I think one of the things that me and Tommy are best at is thinking outside the box.”

Regarding whether SIXX: A.M. has any plans to embark on a tour, Sixx said, “All the members of SIXX: A.M. are committed and want to tour but, between MÖTLEY CRÜE, GUNS N’ ROSES [which features SIXX: A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba] and James‘ [Michael, vocals] production work, it’s extremely difficult to find a time that we would all be available. But, I want to let fans know that it is a priority and we want it to happen in the biggest of ways.”

Earlier in the year, MÖTLEY CRÜE entered drummer Tommy Lee‘s studio called The Atrium in Calabasas, California to begin recording a new song, “Sex”, that will be released to coincide with the band’s upcoming summer co-headlining tour with KISS.

Written when the band was together during their residency in Las Vegas last February, “Sex” is the first studio track from the CRÜE since their June 2008 release of “Saints Of Los Angeles”.

“Sex” will debut on Friday, July 13 on SiriusXM and be available on Tuesday, July 17 — three days before the tour begins.

Speaking to VH1 Radio Network‘s Dave Basner in March, Sixx stated about the band’s new track, “It sounds very much like it’s off of the first record [1981’s ‘Too Fast For Love’]. And that was definitely on purpose. I’ve been writing very simple riffs for the last year and focusing on how these riffs would work for Vince [Neil, vocals], basically, and took it in the studio with Tommy and Mick [Mars, guitar] and the thing just came alive.”



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