NIKKI SIXX To Star In ‘Shoot’er’ Short Film

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx will make his acting debut in the proposed short film “Shoot’er”, which is being helmed by his longtime friend and veteran video director Paul R. Brown (STONE SOUR, SLIPKNOT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, KORN, GODSMACK, AVENGED SEVENFOLD).

Brown is currently trying to raise $44,000 via Kickstarter, an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects, by March 15 in order to make the film about a gunman-for-hire, which explores the fine line between being human and fulfilling your objectives.

Sixx will play an “adulterous scoundrel” in “Shoot’er”, which will also star Trent Ford, an American-born actor who spent the majority of his adolescent life growing up in England, and model Sarah McNeilly,

The fundraising campaign began this week and Brown has so far attracted 44 backers, garnering nearly $1,800. Everyone who invests in the film will land a mention in its closing credits.

Tweeted Sixx on February 3, “Paul Brown, who does all CRÜE‘s videos and photos, is doing a short film… Let’s help out. I am.”

If Brown manages to raise the necessary funds to make the film, “Shoot’er” will be released in July.