NILE Drummer Releases New Solo Song

NILE drummer George Kollias has posted a performance clip of his new solo track, “The Passage”. He states, “[This is] one of the latest songs I wrote. There are lyrics for this song, but not available in this video. . . I play guitars, bass, percussion (real time midi percussion). the sound is very raw for now, just a POD X3 Pro, but it does the job.” Check it out below.

George‘s new instructional DVD, “Intense Metal Drumming 2”, will be released later this month through Hudson Music. Kollias states, “This new DVD stands on the same concept as ‘Intense Metal Drumming’ did back in 2008. There is A LOT of educational stuff for beginners and more advanced players, many killer concepts and exercises that will help everyone. The quality of the new DVD is crazy; we used eight video cameras, 26 audio channels and there is a lot of bonus material that everyone will enjoy!”

Kollias is writing and recording a solo album in between drum clinics and touring cycles. The CD, which is primarily set to show off some of George‘s craziest metal drumming to date, is being completely written and recorded by George, including the guitars, bass, keys, vocals, and percussion, and it will also feature a DVD of the recording process.



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