Italian metallers NO MAN EYES has inked a deal with Mighty Music. The band’s debut album, “Hollow Man”, will be released on June 10.

NO MAN EYES was founded in Genova in 2011 from the ashes of the Italian power/heavy metal band GRAVEYARD GHOST. Soon after GRAVEYARD GHOST‘s breakup, the group’s guitarist Andrew Spane and drummer Michele Pintus (MECHANICAL GOD CREATION) started recruiting new members for their common vision of a modern dark-sounding heavy metal band. Fabio Carmotti (vocals) and Alessandro Asborno (bass) completed the lineup and under the new moniker NO MAN EYES, they started to record “Hollow Man” in 2012. Eleven songs were laid down with an attitude pretty much distant from power metal. Even though the melodic content is still prominent, thanks to Fabio‘s super-clean and mid/high-pitched vocals, the work of the rhythmic section is heavy and pounding. Guitars often exhibit a “NEVERMORE-ish” flavor, still retaining a classic metal mood partially hidden under the heaviness of Spane‘s seven-string guitars. Alessandro‘s bass guitar bounces from pounding notes to neoclassic inserts, while Michele‘s drums are fast and sharp, played with an attitude that resemble the complexity of death metal in the fastest tracks.

“Hollow Man” track listing:

01. Strive
02. Hollow Man
03. Isolation
04. Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
05. Costantinopolis
06. Killing The Liar
07. Forsaken By The Light
08. Until The End
09. Rock And Roll
10. Mystery Of Life
11. Revelation

The video for the CD’s title track can be seen below.