NONEXIST’s Cover Of MEGADETH’s ‘In My Darkest Hour’ Available For Streaming


Swedish tech metal supergroup NONEXIST, featuring former ARCH ENEMY and current HEARSE vocalist Johan Liiva and ANDROMEDA/SKYFIRE guitarist Johan Reinholdz, will release its new, digital-only full-length album, “From My Cold Dead Hands”, on November 2 via Pivotal Rockordings. The CD was recorded at Multipass Studios and will feature nine blistering new tracks, to be accompanied by cover songs that Pivotal will make available for free on SoundCloud and YouTube.

“From My Cold Dead Hands” track listing:

01. Dark And Tortured Universe
02. Presence Everlasting
03. Flesh Falls From The Bone
04. Days Without End
05. Fire At Will
06. Collective Coma
07. From My Cold Dead Hands
08. Lost In Darkness And Confusion
09. Here Comes The Pain

Bonus tracks

* “In My Darkest Hour” (MEGADETH)
* “Masked Jackal” (CORONER)
* “Death Walks Behind You” (ATOMIC ROOSTER)
* “Realm of the Dark” (MERCILESS)
* “Greeting Immortality” (EUCHARIST)

The “In My Darkest Hour” cover version can be streamed below.

Commented Reinholdz: “Dave Mustaine and MEGADETH has always been one of my biggest influences. When the time came to pick cover songs, I thought ‘In My Darkest Hour’ would be a very good choice. I figured it would fit Liiva‘s voice perfectly — the lyrics and the mood; I could really hear in my head how great it would sound. And boy — Liiva sure delivered it superbly! Also — it’s not a track that has been covered that much, at least not by any bands I know. Liiva‘s vocals, the addition of the blastbeats, the very calm, atmospheric first verse (where I actually sing myself), the detuned guitars plus the added solos make it sound like a NONEXIST track, I think. Which is the whole point of doing a cover in my opinion — to make it sound like your own song.”

Regarding the band’s forthcoming album, Reinholdz said: “I’m really excited about unleashing the second assault of NONEXIST! Even though ‘Deus Deceptor’ came out ten years ago, NONEXIST never died. It has always been alive in my heart and I’ve written songs for it every now and then. Because I love it, I love this kind of music which I grew up with. A couple of years ago, the NONEXIST songwriting became more frequent and I came up with the title — ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’ — and I started to focus on getting the album done. I also began dabbling with cover songs, something I’ve never really done before but it’s great fun! Some of these song choices might surprise you — but they’re all done NONEXIST style! I then asked Johan Liiva if he wanted to join NONEXIST again was pleased when he said yes. He is one the great singers in extreme metal and I’m proud to work with him again!”

Added Liiva: “It’s been like 10 years now since the debut came out. I actually had this ‘fantasy’ ever since to make a sequel. For various reasons (like for example ‘life,’ haha) it took us all this time to finally get there. Thankfully, Johan and I stayed in touch every now and then… and now *kazaam!* — the time has come! Filled to the brim with new and fresh ideas — as well as retro ones, for sure! Let’s hope you people out there who digged and asked for another one appreciates this new one. Hailz and salutes — it’s time… metal to the very bone!”

NONEXIST will make its live debut at the Scorched Tundra festival, set to take place December 28 at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Playing alongside ZOMBIEKRIG, SWITCH OPENS, NO HAWAII and labelmates ELDRIMNER, NONEXIST‘s lineup for the concert will feature the following musicians:

Johan Liiva (ex-ARCH ENEMY) – Vocals
Johan Reinholdz (SKYFIRE, ANDROMEDA) – Guitar
Linus Abrahamsson (ANDROMEDA) – Bass
Johan lgard (FAITHFUL DARKNESS) – Guitar
Joakim Strandberg-Nilsson – Drums

NONEXIST‘s debut full-length record, “Deus Deceptor”, was released in 2002 via Century Media/New Hawen Records and the lineup at the time included Liiva, Reinholdz and DEFLESHED/DARK FUNERAL drummer Matte Modin. The CD was produced by Tommy Tägtgren and Reinholdz at Abyss Studios and featured a musical direction described as a cross between early ARCH ENEMY and CARCASS (circa “Heartwork”).